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Thinking of Selling Your Nonprofit, Human Service or Commercial Real Estate Book of Business?

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Our focus is to partner with insurance professionals who want to build a better financial future.

Singers National sell your non-profit book of business

Signers National, LLC is a group of premier insurance agencies dedicated to servicing key client segments across the United States.

As the parent company of three leading insurance providers, Signers leverages deep expertise in their niche markets, providing added value across the entire insurance ecosystem.

The largest P&C agency specializing solely in nonprofit and human service organizations.

The fastest-growing MGU serving nonprofit and human service organizations.

A specialty retail insurance brokerage focused on insuring commercial real estate holdings across the country.

Join Signers

Signers National fosters a customer-centric sales and service model that is supported by in-house risk management, claims support, and risk resources. We also offer these flexible acquisition options:

  1. You can sell your book outright
  2. You can sell your book and continue to service it
  3. You can sell your book and have us service it while you continue to sell

We offer very flexible terms, with a purchase price either paid upfront, partially or in full, or paid on the backend, allowing you to take advantage of the growth you may experience once joining the Signers National team. What works best for you?

Benefits of Selling to Signers

Signers has significant partnerships with 40+ insurers of nonprofit and human service organizations offering the best coverage, pricing, and support.

We have a proven track record of success – we’ve retained more than 95% of our accounts over the past five years.

We own the LARGEST P&C agency specializing solely in nonprofit and human service organizations.

We protect and service nonprofit clients with premium reductions, coverage enhancements, and the reversal of wrongfully denied claims.

Interested? Learn More About Signers’ Acquisition Process.

Complete our form, or simply call or email Paul Czerniak at 732-944-0521 or [email protected].
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